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Reviews "Contrary to the images conjured by the provocative title, this is not a book about looking or feeling 25 again. Rather, Bennett is offering a process of thought, insight and action for recapturing the sense of potential more commonly associated with the younger set. In 20 short chapters, Bennett moves the reader from issues of loss and transition, through reflections on personal exploration, to a final section on planning with intention and overcoming barriers in the last phase of one's work/life. Reading this book is akin to taking a conversational journey with an experienced guide. It will be a good choice for anyone wishing to delve more deeply into personal goals before planning their next career moves." Amy Lindgren
Saint Paul Pioneer Press
"Working Strategies" Column
August 3, 2014

"Donna Bennett’s is 65 the new 25? offers practical wisdom for anyone facing a life transition.  Like a conversation with a trusted friend, Donna's book asks probing questions that will guide readers towards honest reflection, and she then challenges them to intentionally take steps towards their goals to create fulfilling futures.   Whether you are in transition or a professional coaching those who are, you will find the straightforward advice in this little book reassuring and motivating."


Barbara Laporte, M.A.

Director, Career Services

School of Public Health

University of Minnesota

"I found Donna Bennett’s book, is 65 the new 25?, to be a perfect guide for helping baby boomers to move forward when facing retirement. As a career counselor and a baby boomer I am always seeking productive resources for myself and for my older clients. From the very beginning this book imparts a hope-filled message that there is no one path to a happy retirement and the options available are as numerous as there are people looking for satisfying futures. Some of us will continue to work well beyond age 70. Some will pursue talents or hobbies they have been waiting to explore. Others will volunteer at home or around the globe. Many will simply choose to relax with family and friends in their own backyard. I suspect that most of us will have a combination of activities that make up our days. As explained in this book, the key to reaching your greatest satisfaction is to follow a process, and spend the necessary time doing the research to develop the best plan for you. With a plan you have a much greater probability of finding a satisfying life that is intrinsically yours, and are not left simply reacting to external pressures and opinions."


Nancy White, MSed

Employment Counselor Specialist

© 2014 Donna M. Bennett

"Donna Bennett has written a beautiful and inspiring book that gives me hope for the next chapter of my life.  So much of my work life has been focused on getting through my day-to-day check list and doing for others that I have lost sight of what is next for me.  Reading this book reminded me that every passing year brings me closer to 65 and I am NOT done yet!  is 65 the New 25? offers thought provoking, practical tips that create fresh opportunities to reflect and begin creating what’s next.


Thank you, Donna, for providing a framework that gives us space for celebrating our past and discovering our future.  Well done!"


Lisa L. Griebel

President, Crescendo Inc.


Paperback or Kindle Edition