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Transition Coaching For readers who want to take their journey to the next level

After reading is 65 the new 25? what are your challenges moving forward?  Is it identifying your options or having too many options?  Is it the loss of your role or identity in this new phase of life?  Is it going alone, or with a partner who is in a different place than you?


Some of you will feel motivated to make changes.  Some may simply feel inspired to go further with your learning.  Yet, some of you will find it difficult to set goals, or stay on track with your goals. These are the times that a coach can help make a difference in your transition.


For readers who want to take their journey to the next level, I offer one-to-one coaching sessions to personally guide and support you through your challenges, and towards a more fulfilling retirement.


What is a Coach?


In the process of change and transition, especially a major life change, it is typical to feel like you’ve forgotten everything you thought you knew about making decisions, exploring options, setting goals, etc., and emotions can often replace reason. A coach can objectively guide, support and counsel you and help determine what is keeping you from moving forward. This is not therapy, but practical straightforward guidance to lead you in a direction that makes sense for your life.


Why is Having a Coach Important? I’ve Always Been Able to Manage on My Own!


It may have been a while since you last had to deal with a major life transition. Working with a coach offers you an opportunity to have an experienced transitional guide with an objective, fresh perspective to help you focus on choices and decisions that fit with who you are, who you want to be, and how you want to focus your energy in your post-career life.


What is the Process?


The process begins with an initial interview (by phone or in person) to get acquainted, to learn what is blocking your transition, and to determine what you want to accomplish.  This process is individualized to the needs of the person.  Before we begin our coaching relationship, you decide if this is the approach you want to take, and whether it is a good fit.


How Many Sessions Are Necessary?


Coaching sessions are done by phone or in person, are a half hour or hour in length, and are typically short term (3 to 6 appointments).  This is all up to you, what you want to accomplish, and whether you want accountability and follow up.


How Can I Find Out More?


To learn more, I offer a complementary session to answer your questions, and to help you decide if coaching is right for you.



Contact me at to arrange for your complimentary coaching session.

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